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Compose unique AR Worlds using 3D Assets and Game Characters

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Discover & Collect

Discover 100’s of awesome game characters and other 3D assets on a global map.


Claim them when you are nearby and add to the gallery to complete your collections.

3D assets to find in your area are refreshed daily

New 3D assets to collect every week

Coming soon!

Adding famous

game assets


Discover 3D gaming assets and pick them up at

their location.


Claim a 3D model to add it to your Gallery permanently


Complete your collections and use them to create

unique AR scenes


Building AR worlds is easy.
Combine many 3D models in your

scene and arrange them in AR

How it works:

Pinch two fingers to scale the 3D model

Use two fingers

to rotate it

Swipe with two fingers to change its height

Tap and drag to

change position

Treasure Spheres

Go for treasure hunts and receive unique and rare 3D models & AR Coins. 

Find rare 3D models in treasure spheres all

around the world. 

Receive AR-Coins to purchase 3D models for

your scenes!

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with the world

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With only one click
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