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Create YOUR own Reality

Discover and collect awesome 3D/AR Objects in your surroundings and create your own unique AR World(s) with AR.fx!


Bring your Scenes into the real world and share the experience with your friends. Unfold your creativity and shape the world how you like it!

  • Discover hundreds of amazing 3D Objects and add them to your Gallery

  • Create Objects from scratch by drawing Blueprints with smartphone on your own or in Multiplayer mode

  • Compose unique AR Scenes with your collected Objects and share them with the rest of the world

Receive 10,000 AR-Coins as Welcome Bonus!

How AR.fx works

Discover & Collect

Create 3D Objects

Compose in AR


Create your own 3D Objects. Place a Blueprint in AR and draw it by connecting all the lines using your smartphone. The finished Blueprint will transform to the final 3D Object, which will be available in your Gallery. 

AR Scene Editor

Compose your unique AR Scenes. Place 3D Objects from your Gallery in AR and create unique Scenes. Bring them to live with hundreds of animated Models. Edit them by scaling, rotating moving & adjusting their height. 

Discover various AR categories


Explore amazing Game Characters, & in game Objects from top notch Games Studios all around the world. Create your own Gaming Univese by combining the 3D Objects from various Games.


Discover amazing locations, 3D walk through restaurants, examine resorts and gorgeous places you've never visited before. Get special offers of our partners from various sectors.








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