Upcoming Saturday, February 27th we will be a part of the digital conference "Youtubers Unite!" organized by Swarthy Daisy. The conference will last from 10.a.m. - 2p.m. EST and we will talk about Augmented Reality, how AR.fx works and give some insights about our business model. We would be happy if you drop by.

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Check out this cool article about AR.fx on AR VR Tips. The website contains a ton of information about AR/ VR news, upcoming games and more. You can find the article here: Tap me

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Hi guys

since a few weeks AR.fx is now also available for download for Android users. Go on a journey, discover hundreds of 3D models and use them to build your own worlds in augmented reality. #arfxapp #arworldbuilder

You can find the download link to the app here:



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