Correct Solution

(Make sure none of your players can see this)


Mystery Story #04

A wet backpack and a lot of trouble


Everyone will remember this trip.

What happened?

Read this out loud

The 3rd grade of a special school went on a class trip to the zoo. After a guided tour together, all the children had two hours to look around the zoo on their own. Since it had rained in the meantime, no one was surprised when little Max entered the bus with his soaked backpack. Only after half an hour did the teacher notice strange noises that seemed to come from his backpack. She was horrified to find a little penguin inside, which Max had wanted to bring to his mother as a birthday surprise.

To be solved

  • Class trip to the zoo by students (children)

  • A boy broke into the penguin enclosure

  • He kidnapped a penguin in his backpack as a birthday present



Players are only allowed to ask  "yes" or "no" questions to find out what happened in the story.


If a question can't be answered with "yes" or "no", ask the player to rephrase it.


You are allowed to answer with 

"It's unimportant to the plot." 


The game ends when the players came close to the correct solution.

Game Setup

All participating players must be able to hear each other. If not playing from the same place, you can use free chatting apps like "Houseparty" to talk to each other.

Start the game

Show your players the QR code
or share the link below.  


AR.fx should now be shown to download in App Store / Google Play Store or will start automatically if already installed 
(App must be closed before opening).

Make sure that all players can see the Mystery AR Scene. You can now start the game by reading the title and subtitle of the story aloud.

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Manual download

You can directly download AR.fx here. After that, tap again on the Game Master's link or scan the QR code. 

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